Weird ECU question


I have 2 ECus both same model (173). One been cracked one never as. I put the cracked one in car runs fine no CEL flashes, stomp test gives code 1444. I put the uncracked ECU in CEL light flashes when ignition turnwd to ON and when enginerunning. Stomp test for this ECU yields same code 1444. Any ideas why this would be? And does this signify a false positive CEL or a genuine issue that may compromise performance and/or safety?


I googled stomp code 1444. There’s some consensus that 1444 means that there are no OBD codes, so it’s not trying to tell you that it’s a problem. There’s also discussion of resetting the DME to make the code go away. Personally, I’ve not had to fight a 1444 so I’ve no first hand experience in your problem.

When you poke around the issue on google, don’t limit yourself to reading e30 related posts. Car models changed faster than Motronic logic so often you can find useful Motronic info by reading posts re. cars that were around in the same time frame. Not just BMWs either.


Did some more reading. Some say that the DME is sensitive to voltage changes and that if the CEL is flashing while there are no stored faults it is becasue the DME is losing power and to check the fusible link (which I just replaced), the intake boot may have hairline cracks and be losing vacuum at idle (boot is not that old cracks kind of doubtful), main relay (new), and that it could be the ignition switch or a wiring fault. So I’m down to an ignition switch or a wiring fault. I assume another way to go about this is place a square of electrical tape over the CEL and just drive the car so maybe I’ll do that. P
erhaps it will clear itself.