Water Temp. Pickup point


I’m rebuilding my b25 right now and am using the Stack 8130 dash. I’m wondering if I could put a temp sensor in the condor coolant block off plate. the guy at autometer said they have a sensor that goes into the heater hose but if I’ve deleted my heating unit where would another good place be to get an accurate water temp. thanks!


Thermostat housing. Some years have extra plugs already there. Other years you just need to drill and tap. You can use the spot for #15 or 16 since they are not used by the factory


+1 for Brickhouse’s response. If oyu don’t want to drill and tap your tstat housing, get one from someone else that already has the ports in it. Should be easy to find.


If you get an OE thermostat housing it will have two ports. At some point BMW decided to only stock the two port housing as it can be used on an M20B27 or M20B25 engine. On the M20B25 engine you simply plug the unused port if you don’t need it.