Water Temp for Dyno


Not that I’m in any danger of being dyno’d at the track anytime soon, but was looking at the rules and the temps mentioned here just don’t make sense:

Dyno runs shall be made with water temperature in the normal operating range of [color=#ff6600]165F-210F[/color] and drive train fluids up to
a normal running temperature. Should the water temperature exceed [color=#ff0000]205F[/color] during any pull, that pull is void and shall be
repeated once the engine has cooled enough to operate within the specified range.

I assume that the “205” should be “210” ?

From: https://nasa-assets.s3.amazonaws.com/document/document/4276/SpecE30_2017_V1.0.pdf


Oh Mr. Meeeeezeeeee…you got some splain’in to do.