VIR Hotel Recommendations


I think I am heading up to VIR for the July race. I haven’t been to VIR in 10 years so I am sure Danville will have changed somewhat. Anybody got a good hotel reccomendation? Thanks


Glad that you’ll be racing w/ us.

Check out the SleepInn in Danville. It’s relatively new and cheap. Cya


The villa/lodge/pit road rooms at the track, if there are any left, are the most convenient:

The Best Western on 58 by danville airport (near the aforementioned Sleep Inn) is pretty recent and decent too:


Only 5 signed up so far?

I hear that the Taylor B&B might have some rooms available and there is a full line of used E30 parts for purchase in the gift shop.:silly:


6, Carter is on the list as well.


Started the thread and I am now out! Had some things at work that are going to keep me from be able to attend. October I guess.