UUC Strut Barbarian


Does anyone run one of these E30 strut tower braces from UUC, the “StrutBarbarian” If so how do you like it’s fitment? Does it fit tight enough to the strut towers where the ends are bent, etc?

I don’t want a brace that puts all the stress on 2 plate studs on each side.



I’ve installed a number of different strut braces on a number of different cars, and they all fit the same–too wide. So I’ve come to the conclusion that there’s one template and it’s about 5mm wider then it should be. I bet the UUC brace is the same.

Someone like Andrew “DriveGear” Zimmerman would really know tho. He’s built prob a dozen SpecE30s.

UUC is owned by SpecE30 racer Arjun Soundararajan. Maybe call him up and ask if he has his brace on his car.


I know this is an old post, but for the sake of others searching In the future, I did purchase these, and they were about a few mm too long, so I agree with Ranger.

I also tried to return this strut brace (Autumn 2021) and could not get in touch with UUC via phone or email, trying every week for 5 weeks


With all these e30 strut braces, It’s not only about does it fit properly over the strut tower/camber plate studs, but also about only catching 2 out of the 3 top mounting points at this position. Beyond that where the bar ends meet the strut towers and slope downward? They are not flush to the towers (the original Sparco design was close), so not compatible with bolting thru there to make these bars more effective at what they are supposed to accomplish. An overall rotten design.


The ends also do not fit flush on the tower tops.


I purchased the IRP strut bar, and have been very happy with it. Totally adjustable, reasonably priced, and the very best thing is, one bolt removal and the entire thing swings out of the way when working in the engine bay


looks cool too, since Ranger knows I like pretty things:heart_eyes:


When you swing it out of the way, does it leave top of the struts open enough to adjust camber (assuming you have camber plates).


Only the bar swings away, the plates which bolt to the towers remain. The plates do allow access to the cam/cas adjustments, but are a little restrictive. I had to trim a tiny bit to allow one screw to slide completely