UUC Strut Barbarian


Does anyone run one of these E30 strut tower braces from UUC, the “StrutBarbarian” If so how do you like it’s fitment? Does it fit tight enough to the strut towers where the ends are bent, etc?

I don’t want a brace that puts all the stress on 2 plate studs on each side.



I’ve installed a number of different strut braces on a number of different cars, and they all fit the same–too wide. So I’ve come to the conclusion that there’s one template and it’s about 5mm wider then it should be. I bet the UUC brace is the same.

Someone like Andrew “DriveGear” Zimmerman would really know tho. He’s built prob a dozen SpecE30s.

UUC is owned by SpecE30 racer Arjun Soundararajan. Maybe call him up and ask if he has his brace on his car.