UUC Rear Swaybar Hits Trunk Floor


Installed a 19mm UUC Swaybar in the rear with their supplied reinforced brackets. Now when sway bar is pushed all the way up it hits the top of the trunk floor. Also how do I setup the adjustable end links.


Yup. It’s not your fault. On my ca,r it was dragging on the underbody bedding. With time it wore down.

For the end links. Assuming you have access to the car on the floor, you want the bar to be perpendicular to the end link as much as possible.

Here is a pic I made for the Ireland engineering one, but the concept is the same.


In short, the shortest adjustment will be at the end of the bar and longest on the third hole from the end of the bar.

Hope this helps.


I ended up calling UUC and was sent a new bar. Hopefully the new bar fits when I install it next week.