UUC After market shifter


Recently purchased a slightly unmodified 88 325is and was wondering if the UUC EVO3 Short Shift Kit is allowed? I read the rules and it says Modification to, or replacement of, the shifter mechanism is permitted but just want to be completely sure. Look forward to the build.



yes, it is allowed.


does the dssr make that much more of a difference?


Yes they make a huge difference, it takes away all that slop in the shifter. Anthony actually talked me into getting one last season. I don’t regret it at all.


does the dssr make that much more of a difference?

One of the best mods I’ve done to my car… Completely tranforms the shifter.


Yes to DSSR. AKG offers similar products, in case you need/want an alternative.


I have the AKG one. Haven’t had good luck with UUC lately


The z3 shifter works well - have had in 3 cars. Also consider replacing the bushings with the AKG delrin bushing kit.


+1 on AKG


This is what I want…http://store.bimmerworld.com/bimmerworld-solid-race-shifter-p1335.aspx

Now that’s a shifter.


AKG DTM shifter is very similar Scott.


Does that work for the E30? Description says E36/E46 and Z3/Z4. AKG has a very similar shifter that they have been selling for a while that is definitely E30 compatible:


EDIT: Oops, sorry, didn’t see your reply, Kish.


akg one is a direct fit, got it on my car. love it!


The DTM shifter might even be a bit better because it apparently uses OEM bolt holes. But I tend to be partial to BW out of loyalty for their support for the series.


I also noticed on the 84-88 325i/is that the DSSR comes with a rattle kit. The 89-91 do not require this. What exactly is a rattle kit?



dream shifter B)


YEA…and for that price, you’re dreaming!!


The price isn’t that crazy. I’m poor and still seriously considering it.


this seemed to be a different offering from UUC in addition to the DSSR…anyone seen or have experience with one ?



Is that actually for sale now? It was on their website when I ordered it about 2.5 years ago. They waited 9 months to tell me it was being re-designed so I couldn’t have it so they sent me a discounted EVO3 shifter which I’m not a big fan of.