Use of surge tank to cure fuel starvation


I’ve been thinking about installing a surge tank in my 86 race car to cure fuel starvation issues. The best place for the new tank is the trunk and it would be easiest to run the new fuel lines through the rear seat bulkhead into the trunk. The SpecE30 rules don’t allow fuel lines in the driver compartment. Does this include braided or shielded lines? How about fuel lines inside something like a conduit or pipe? Thanks


Why not just go with dual fuel pumps. There is plenty of good info on this site regarding this.


That is an option, I was looking at the surge tank too. I have to 55 liter tank with the low pressure pump on the passenger side. My tank has lots of rust. My plans now are to replace the tank and use the existing pump configuration. Back to my original question, can you use braided lines in the driver compartment? If not, that makes the surge tank very difficult to install.

Thanks for the reply.