Use of braided stainless steel lines


I know the rules state that no fuel lines are allowed in the driver’s compartment. Does that include any braided or shielded lines too? I am thinking about adding a fuel surge tank. The installation is very difficult if the fuel lines don’t enter the driver’s compartment. What about if the lines are enclosed in a metal box or conduit. Would they be allowed then?



Nothing in the passenger compartment. That being said, if you install a proper bulkhead in the trunk then it is not in the passenger compartment. In the tire well, block it off, you’re good to go. I would not want anything in the passenger compartment with me.


You might want to make sure a file surge tank is legal.


There’s a number of folks that have good looking surge tank installs. I’d ask on fb for some pics.

xxlbimmer has the right idea re. the location of the hardware.