Unconventional headlights solution


Bottom line. I want to put some LED lights on the front of my car. Anyone have a beef with that?

Details. The purpose is so people in front of me can see me during rain races. I don’t have headlights because I got sick of them getting smashed in races. I don’t have a headlight switch because that got removed by the previous owner to make room for a cage bar.

It’s good to have front lights. It’s a problem, in a rain race, to not be able to clearly see faster cars coming up behind you. That makes it a lot harder to plan to get them by you. When a faster car behind me has headlights peering thru the rain and spray, I’m grateful for it because that guy, I can see. So I figure that, in the interest of safety, we should be cool with reasonable front headlight alternatives.

What I have, like a lot of folks, is a disk of metal the right size to fit right into the headlight retaining ring. What I’m scheming on is an LED solution that I could install in the paddock in a couple seconds if it started raining. I can’t leave the LED lights installed all the time because any reasonable solution to try to protect them would either get smashed, look terrible, or both. So I figure I’ll just pop them into place only when necessary.

A charm of LEDs is that they pull so little current that one doesn’t have to deal with a relay or a high amperage switch. Makes it really easy to just put one more switch on the dash somewhere.

We good with this?