TWS Oct Race Video & Report


Liked the track, it reminds me very much of Roebling Road in Savannah, GA. Long straight away and lots of fast sweepers. Since it was my first time here and all the other SE30’s bailed, much of the weekend was burned up learning the track… in the rain. I ended up having them reclassify me from SE30 to PTD in order to have a few other cars to race with in class. I was in the lightning race group with PT cars and thunder roadsters.

Saturday’s practice was wet… great way to learn a new track. I ended up missing qualifying after finding an issue with the front shocks and having to fix them during the qualifying session. Starting from the back of the grid gave me an opportunity to pick up the track in the first race. I ended up third in class (out of 5) with a fast lap near 2:12

Saturday’s second race was based on an invert of the first race finishing order. Definitely a hectic start, but after settling down I was able to find a 2:08… I was leaving time on the table, but starting to get comfortable.

After an early practice Sunday morning, the rain returned with a vengeance. I happened to be working on the car right before qualifying when the sky opened up (after much of the group was on grid). So I put rains on and headed out a little late and put down a 2:33, good enough for the front row. The pole sitter didn’t race so I got bumped up to the pole for the wet race. A few of the real fast guys (thunder roadsters) that missed qualifying came out on rain tires and blew by the field on the start. In the end, I ran a 2:29 during a race in pretty challenging conditions. I finished first in class, and with the exception of the thunder roadsters (much lighter) put down the fast lap of the race. I’ll take it.

Video to follow

I left before the 4th race on Sunday (had to get home). Good race weekend, I met some great folks. It sounds like there are quite a few folks looking at Spec E30 which is good and at least one more event at TWS in April 2015.


Sunday Race Video:


The rain this weekend was too much fun. It was great to see a SpecE30 out there! Kelly, your car looks like it just rolled off the assembly line!

I’ll have some pictures of our ongoing build posted here soon, and we should have it on the track (at least for some HPDE events) early next year.