TWS April 24-26 ??


Who’s in for NASA at TWS later this month? I am signed up for comp school on Friday, and if that goes well I’ll be racing on the weekend. Please tell me I won’t be the only Spec E30!


Definitely not!!! I can’t find the entry list online, but at least three of us are going to be there (Kelly Childress, Jeff Connor, & Mark Anderson). I think there’s more, but can’t say for certain. This is a combined BMW Club Race & NASA event, so the Spec E30’s are getting pulled into the BMW Club Race run group… definitely talk to Will and see where you’ll be placed so we don’t end up with Spec E30’s running in separate run groups. Looking forward to seeing you / meeting you. I’m in the Green/Yellow Spec E30 #168. My tow vehicle is a Red Toyota Tundra and I have a Blue enclosed trailer. See you there!!!

  • Kelly


I am so close to having the car put together, but worked has slowed me down. I will try to come watch / visit one of the days.