Trailing arm bushings on car replacement


Has anyone successfully replaced the trailing arm bushings without dropping the subframe. I speculate that disconnecting the inner brake lines, loosen the lower shock bolts, pop out the springs, take out the bushing bolts, that enough movement would be gained to access those bushings. Has anyone ever done this?


I just took a bent one out with no issues. Have not tried to put it back in yet which I suspect will take a little more finesse to get things lined up.

One though I had is the next time I drop the sub frame I plan to weld the nuts to the tabs making removing and tightening them a lot easier. I do not have the adjustable trailing arms either so not sure if that makes things more difficult.


Thanks, it’s nice to know you were able to pull the arm out without dropping the subframe. I am hoping
to accomplish this without unbolting the axles or driveshaft or parking brake cables


Probably going to be hard to do without taking e-brake and axle out. Curious to see if you can do it.


Replacing trailing arm bushings w/o removing the subframe is do-able. Note tho that if you loosen the subframe a bit so it can drop a cm you’ll get more clearance to see and work on things.

You might want a rtab removal tool. Jerry-rigging a DIY solution is tougher when there’s not much room to work with.

What can trigger the removal of the subframe is having to do something nonstandard with rtab bushings. if you’re doing something tricky and it’s not working, you might have to drop the subframe to better see what’s going on. Don’t remove axles or the ebrake tho unless it’s absolutely necessary. That stuff is a hassle.


Thank you Scott,
I thought it looked possible. I am more encouraged to give it a try.