Tow dolly?


The last NASA event I was at I was parked next to an SM guy who towed his SM on a dolly behind a Tiguan. I know this a little too light duty for the E30 but what about the general notion? There’s a nice Cayenne available up the road but I won’t be able to afford the car, a trailer, and a tow vehicle all in the same season.


A friend toes his sm by dolly behind an escape. I will behind my kia but only in a pinch and only to the shop or dyno, not the track.

Skip the cayenne. Get a early 2k gm product for half the price, throes 3x more shut in the back and rent a proper trailer from uhaul.

I been down that road with a treg, so I’m saving you time and money!


What happens when you wreck the car and can’t use the tow dolly?

Not saying you would do this, but it does happen in racing.


Same thing I have to do when I blow up a car now (not that that’s ever happened :whistle:). Borrow a truck/van, rent a flatbed, and make a long painful drive.


The trans is lubricated by oil thrown off the input side, therefore if your dragging the car to the track in neutral bad things can happen. I was advised to absolutely not do it for more than a few miles without pulling the driveshaft.


I’ve had the same advice w.r.t the LSD. The idea would be to tow it backwards. I’ve done this before for short distances at relatively low speeds. I haven’t thought through all of the implications for the front suspension aside from abnormal tire wear. Wondered if anyone had any experience at this.


8.12.1. Steering wheel locks shall be disabled.


You could always strap the wheel to the cage or something…


We used a tow dolly for our first few events, which included pulling the E30 from Houston to New Orleans as well as some other more local events (1.5 hours each way). We never saw any ill effects of doing that, but it a real pain to do it compared to a flat bed trailer…it was forever moving around, straps came loose and once it slipped onto its subframe…also, you cant reverse with one of them!


Hmmm, good point. Could definitely make things interesting. And you’re right Mark, backing short trailers and tow dollies is a b**ch. Drove a hot air balloon chase vehicle for a number of years and dead ends were not your friend.