Timing belt skinned, head seized


Issues on track, refreshed build new belt, ran good, powering out of a corner got a engine squeal and motor shut down, rolled into the pits.

Tore down and found broken intake rocker #6,
Belt shredded by crank pulley, cam pulley will not rotate, exhaust valves hit pistons, #6 intake valve did not hit pistons.

I think maybe the rocker that broke jammed in the cam and seized the top end and that cause the crank to strip the belt, has anyone ever experienced this or know someone that this happened to


I’ve never seen or heard of this happening, and I’ve broken a few rockers. Is there evidence on the cam of it getting jammed in there?


Upon further inspection and head disassembly I believe it was a oil pressure loss and the cam seized in the head stopping everything, ripping the belt, and smashing valves and breaking the rocker