Throttle body vacuum leaks


There are 3 pipes that go into your throttle body and you should use some JB Weld to permanently epoxy them into place. If you’re standing by the LF tire, there’s 2 AL pipes that go into the throttle body from the R and one on the L. The ones on the R go to the over complicated brake vac system. The one on the L goes to the Idle Air Control Valve (IACV). They’re supposed to be a press fit but in our old cars they get sloppy loose and become vac leaks.

How to fix. Pull the AL pipes out of their ports, clean the mating surfaces with brake cleaner and a little scrubbing, then fasten them back up with JBWeld or some kind of epoxy.

I fooled with 4 other people’s cars this weekend as I modded them to take the MAF so we could do more testing. Everyone of those cars had 3x loose pipes going into the throttle body. One of them, we expoxied up at the track.

How to simplify the over-complicated brake booster vac lines. Simplifying vacuum lines



Btw, amazing research


I can’t tell if you’re kidding or not. Wasn’t any research here. Was just a matter of having a 30yr old car and all my shit was always screwed up. So I got to thinking, time and time again, how can I make this less of a cock-up? know as in like “how can I make this problem reliably go away?” 11yrs now of “how can I make this less of a cock-up” makes for lots of little solutions.

Of course, an equal # of my ideas don’t pan out.

Alternately, I steal terrific ideas from other people, try them out, and if they work well I try to get the word out so others can avoid some of the goatscrews that have kicked my ass over the years.


Analysis isn’t always on the issues we think are worthy. But it is good, so accept it damn you.


Lol, ok. Thanks for the kind words. Beer’s on you.