The VIR free pass


Dang…had motor problems, and gave you boys a free pass this weekend. I know Robert won on Saturday (with Davidson 2nd, and Gags in 3rd) How did Sunday end up? Did the dyno ever show up?

Is this gonna be the weekend recap thread? Could it even be the video thread? Holy smokes…could I be some sort of trend setting bloggosphere social media viral-starter? I heart the internetz!

Back on track - how was the Sunday racin’?

P.S. Still doing the post-mortem on the motor. Looks like I the oil-cooler theory is the best so far. I just hope the engine damage isn’t catastrophic!


What is the oil cooler theory?

Since you’re leading-in with oil cooler problems and you mention an engine in the same sentence, then I predict that the engine is toast.



No idea of the finishing order on Sunday…other than RG-P1…rained, hard. could not see dick at the start. I think one Miata almost ended up in the Dan River. I only spun off track once. If you did not have wipers and rain tires you were SOL. Gotta hook up some lights for next time, they should be required because in the spray that is the only way you can see anyone else.

Fun, long, weekend.



Vic, sorry about your motor problems

here is the sunday rain race…anyone else think new pavement causes more spray somehow than the old?

all the gear noise is 4th, wouldn’t work for much of weekend finally lost it completely by end of this race (sat had some pop out of gear issues, sunday, wouldn’t go in at all…ie. most post on transmissions in the other thread

Grace won, wilby second, me 3rd

here is the Australian pursuit race video


Good stuff! Sorry about coating your windshield on Saturday. Believe me, I wish I would have known MUCH earlier. The diagnosis on my motor is not good. The oil cooler leaked out the oil, and I ran the motor dry. Rod bearings are toast, and the crank needs to come out. Racing…she is a mother f*cker.

Congrats to all who came out and ran. Would have been great to have more Spec E30s run the enduro. It was a BLAST!!! And I’m most upset about missing the Australian Pursuit - looks like it was a blast. Luckily Rick Mariani was able to grab my spot, and represented the position well :slight_smile: I hope I can drive as fast as him when I turn 75 too!!! :wink:



Vic, sorry about your motor, that sucks!

My fault for being a dumbass and hitting the wiper with oil on the windshield, hope you can repair/replace and make it back out there soon!


Australian pursuit race video

out the back window


Definitely a bummer, Vic. Hope you can get it patched up before the next round. Perhaps with some light-up gauges!

Unfortunately I don’t have any video to contribute as I hadn’t charged the camera all off season - didn’t think about it until race time. Sunday’s race was pretty intense at times, glad there wasn’t any big carnage - the drainage on the straights certainly hasn’t changed with the new pave job.

Big thanks the Ken at KNS Brakes - I would have been racing on cc size pads if he didn’t take care of me last minute. Give him a buzz next time you need brakes. Also a big thanks to Andrew at DriveGear, Virgil, Al,and my parents for bailing me out at one point or another as I was sorting through those first race weekend of the season issues. And to the Cofers for feeding us and opening up their RV to everyone. Much appreciated!



Thanks to all the folks who kept me fed throughout the weekend. I meant to bring a fattened up possum to grill but one of my neighbors stolt him.