The Metric Mechanic baffle and scraper


Metric Mechanic’s scraper is fastened to the main bearing caps. The way the scraper is cut and bent to catch oil is subtle enough that it probably isn’t capture well in the picture. It not only scrapes oil from the crank, but it also shelters most of the pan from the whirling hurricane, making it easier for the oil to drain forward into the sump.

MM’s baffle is integrated into their oil pan. The way it functions is similar to the TC Motorsports design, except that the MM baffle replaces the barrier to the chamber enclosing the oil level sensor. The MM barrier includes a trap door that allows oil to rapidly come out of the chamber towards the OP pickup.

Engines are most of MM’s business. They state categorically that they have never ever had an oil starvation related engine failure from one of their engines that was using their scraper and baffled pan.


I can’t wait to try out this setup!


looks like a nice setup…


Tried to find this on the MM website. What is the cost?


Foglght wrote:

I’d give them a call. Expect it to be more than you thought it would be.

After our MM trip I ended up with a better understanding of why everything they sell is more expensive than I thought it was going to be. Everything they make requires more time than I thought it would.


I think I remember reading in another thread that the MM scraper is just an M50 windage tray. I priced it at pelican and it looks like the cost is around 40 bucks for a new M50 tray. How much modification if any is needed to fit it to the M20?


Fitting the M50 windage tray requires fabricating 4 mounting brackets that you place under the main bearing cap bolts. I use M6 bolts to fasten the windage tray to the mounting brackets. You also have to make some modifications to the windage tray.


If you really feel industrious, get two windage trays and make a full length one. You have to cut around the oil pump and weld the two trays together (after cutting the front one to size) but it works very well. I have no oil issues with this setup and a PP pan.