Texas Trifecta Stories & Videos


Great to be back out on track and meet Mark, Jeff, Jim, & the gang. Also nice to see Allen & Wayne make the trek out from Alabama.

Here is my writeup from the weekend:

Friday practice and qualifying was spent primarily learning the track. It took a little while to pick up but out of the five car Spec E30 field, I was able to get the pole. Turn 1 at the start was very interesting. I was able to make it through clean and break away from the pack for the win. This was the only race my camera worked for; and was also the least exciting as I was able to maintain a comfortable margin throughout the race. Video to come…

Saturday consisted of practice and two sprint races with qualifying set by fast lap of the prior race. It ended up being a cutthroat back and forth with Allen. It was a great race… I ended up finishing in second place just behind Allen, but did set the fast lap at 2:57:001 and the pole for the feature race. Camera didn’t work :frowning:

The second sprint race was the feature race. The first few laps were once again back and forth with Allen. My tires began to fall off and after a pretty scary moment coming onto the front straight near the wall. I backed off a bit and focused letting the tires cool (and not crashing) but was not able to make any headway to the front. Post race, the entire Spec E30 class was impounded and unfortunately Allen’s car was underweight and my camera didn’t work (again).

Dinner Saturday night was great. It was awesome to see the camaraderie of the series and hang out with everyone. Plus, how can you go wrong with Margaritas, and guacamole! Thanks to Mark & Melanie for coordinating!

For Sunday, there was a 1 hour endurance race. I didn’t want to break a brand new set of RRs in for it and went out on the old RR’s to continue to learn how they behave as they wear. I ended up cording two of them in the race, but was able run a 2:50.37 on the second lap. I believe they do not like drift angles as high as the RA-1’s. While my camera broke, I did get the first couple of laps and will post a link once it’s up.

Now let’s see some video from the Mark & Jeff/Jim battle in the endure. We saw the last lap from race control and it looked like a doozie.


Video from Friday’s Sprint Race: http://vimeo.com/89876238


Video from the start of Sunday’s endure: http://vimeo.com/89904962


So, Allen wins one and Kelly wins one?

Thanks for the write-up. You know how to get the series started and your showing good form!



Same thing here I mentioned on FB…

Kelly did a 2:[size=6]47[/size].001, not a 2:57. I managed a 2:49 on the third lap of my stint during the enduro…so, I have to learn how to drive faster :slight_smile:

The last few laps of the endro were fun, the final lap was insane. Mark Anderson’s video here, because my video recording skills are also lacking. [ edit: my friend from California, Jim Bassett, started the enduro. My dicing with Mark starts around the 52:50 mark ]


Great to meet you, Kelly, and helluva first appearance in Tejas for you. Glad to have more racers, and can’t wait for Dan Weaver to come on line.