Texas 2015 Race Schedule (First half)


All right, there are a few e-mails going around discussing the 2015 schedule. I’m opening the season at COTA with BMW Club Racing, definitely doing TWS, and right now planning on trekking to Hallett in June. Please chime in (copy/paste/editt) and indicate their plans for each race:

MSR Houston (Jan 17-18):

MSR Cresson (Mar 14-15):

COTA (Mar 20-22)

  • Kelly
    TWS (Apr 25-26)
  • Kelly
    Hallett (June 13-14)
  • Kelly

That takes us into summer and is about all I have looked at so far. I figure we’ll sort out the last half of the season a little while down the road. Hope to see everyone on the track soon.


I’ll see you at the track guys, but for now I’m still working towards my comp license.

MSR Houston (this weekend) YES!

COTA- all set for Friday, trying to get into the weekend DE

TWS - most definitely!

Car is being delivered next Saturday (Jan 24). I’ll post pics then.


If April is 25 and 26? I should make that one. I need that comp school.


I was exploring the rest of the SE30 forum and found a cool post from the SE guys – basically a calendar of when they were going to travel to events outside their region. COTA has a few ‘maybes’

Check it out here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1jCYTgVgxTWpQ95Ll69nrLvB4Twq8JJ0N-zl_oFQIqoQ/edit#gid=0

They are ahead of us (obviously) in # of cars/drivers… there are events with 11 cars/drivers scheduled. I’d hate to be the guy that didn’t score a top 10 in that damn race!


I’ve updated it to include the NASA-TX events, so go ahead add your name and chime in on your plans!


The way my work schedule is (14 on 14 off) it looks like most of the events i will make will be with NOLA. Most of the TX events don’t line up with my off days.