Support rear spring bases


I think that it was Brian Edmonds that first brought this issue up. The new suspension puts more pressure on the bottom support structure because the thin wall of the red threaded cylinder has a much smaller cross sectional area vs. the old springs. Brian found that his bottom spring supports were deforming. He fixed this by installing a big washer, 2" ID, 4.5" OD between the read threaded cylinder and the spring base structure that is integral with the trailing arm.

I’m pretty sure those dimensions are right. The conversation with Brian was a couple years ago. I bought what Brian recommended, I’ve not installed them tho.


That’s correct. Here’s what I bought:

Really wish someone would do a delrin version in different thicknesses or Ground Control would fix the base.


I have five of them coming, if anyone needs a couple. Shipping probably wouldn’t make sense at the price they cost, but I am happy to keep them in by spares box for delivery at a future event.


Having just gone through this pleasurable task, I’m fairly certain that the 2" washer linked above are too large. The O.D. of the threaded portion is just under 2"; these washers allow the tube to pass through and are still in contact with the factory perch. That won’t allow any weight distribution across the thin factory steel. The only way these would work is if you ‘lowered’ the gold nut until it made contact with the washers, but effectively removing the adjustable aspect of the coilers. I’m assuming Brian, that is why you’d like the delrin in different thicknesses?


Oh yeah and for the record, if anybody has as much trouble removing the lower coil over portions as I did, I found a three jaw puller to accomplish the task nicely. Take the gold nut almost all the way down till you have about a quarter inch of space between the perch (just enough to get the teeth of the puller under). I had to disconnect the shock to get more clearance. You will also have to place a steel shim underneath the point of the puller, otherwise you’ll poke right through the centering nub on the perch. Ask me how I know


Interesting that the washer ID would work for Brian, but not for you. I’ve got some washers on the shelf, that I bought for this task a couple years ago, but I never installed them. Now I’ve no idea if they will work.


I’m not sure that they did work for Brian the way I’m thinking they need to work. From his ‘delrin bushings’ statement I assume he has the washers stacked up to the adjusting nut, rather than the tube sitting atop the washers. I ordered some 1.5" washers last night, will report when they arrive


For me, 1 5/8" washers picked up the diameter of the red threaded collar and still went around the nub. I placed that assy over a 2" washer that I set on the perch. Remains fully adjustable and distributes the load over the perch.