Substitute cap for coolant reservoir level sender


Hi All,

I know there’s a BMW cap that can be substituted for the level sender in the coolant reservoir.

Anybody got a P/N? I’m looking to improve pressure sealing integrity of my cooling system.




woops, wrong cap in mind.


Just got a call from a buddy…

What I’m looking for is on, E36, 1993, radiator, bottom cap Item 23.

Problem is there’s no P/N listed. :frowning:



Try your local stealership parts counter. Their prices are usually actually reasonable on stuff like this and they can find the p/n from the little electronic microfiche thingy. Probably.


According to my brother who’s a BMW mechanic if it’s not on realoem it won’t be in the dealer’s manual.


I had that exact problem trying to find the bolts that hold the two halves of the LSD carrier together. No part number on Real OEM and the dealer couldnt find them. ACE came to the rescue.


Don’t have the P/N yet, but the part is on its way.

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