strange TPS wiring issues



Im trying to wire in a new penny and giles hall effect TPS. the TPS came with no plug/connector just the 3 wires. so on the harness side ive identified:

  1. the ground (middle wire on a 3 pin Bosch style connector) that gives continuity between it and the metal chassis/body
  2. The +5V reference wire (using a multimeter i get 5V on one of the outer pins when grounded to body.
  3. therefore the other wire on the harness is the signal.
    my issue is that once i connect the sensor into the harness i no longer get the 5V reference between the 5V wire and ground it drops to 1.6V. if i remove the sensor ground wire from the harness leaving only the 5V and signal wire from the sensor plugged into the harness i do get 5V its just when i put the sensor ground wire into the harness i dont get the 5V ref basically i cant get any sort of signal out of it. yet when i connect it to a 12V battery to bench test off the car it seems to produce the expected signal. i am able to get a different brand TPS to work properly so the harness doesnt seem to have anything majorly wrong what am i doing wrong, does the P&G sensor need something different?

Please help.

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Custom explainer video



Isn’t it just telling you that it’s clocked a little bit?

Analog (0.5 - 4.5 or 0.1 - 4.9Vdc) or PWM outputs


Is this for data acqusition or are you trying to replace the OE sensor for the Bosch ECU?