Steering Shaft Assembly


Hi, as you probably know the OEM steering shaft assembly for the E30 is now NLA. I found three places that make after mkt replacements. One is Condor, who i have seen mentioned here. My question is has anyone used one of these as of yet? I am assuming they will legal in SE30. Feedback would be appreciated.


They are legal. Rule change for 2020 allowed them for the reason you state. The steering column, shaft, and coupler may be modified and/or replaced with commercially available alternatives. The steering rack must remain stock.

I know of no one that has installed this, but if Condor can’t give feedback, I’d bring the issue up on the R3VLimited fb page. There’s nothing that those boys haven’t tried.


Thanks, turns out I am pretty sure my rack is shot from 20 years of track driving without any lubricant. Will post when I am sure.