SpecE30 Series Director - Mid South Region


I am proud to announce that Jim Levie has accepted the position of SpecE30 Series Director for the Mid South region!

Not only will Jim be mentoring drivers within the region but he will also help promote road racing in general in the Mid South region.

Please get with Jim on your SpecE30 questions and we look forward to the kind of exciting and close racing that SpecE30 is known for.

Shawn Taylor
Regional Director
NASA Mid South Region


Congratulations Jim.

You guys chose the right guy for that SpecE30 mentoring. Jim’s been doing that informally all along.


Awesome picture!!!


based on my own experience i’d assume that walsh was the backwards one :slight_smile:


Jim told me about this decision on Sunday at TGPR. I’m very happy for him. I got to run one session with him following me and then me following him this weekend and it was great. Looking forward to doing a Mid South SpecE30 race one day in the future.


Scott really likes to throw that picture around and in retrospect it is pretty funny.

From now on I’m gonna tell people that it is David that’s backward. Yeah, that’ll work.


congrats jim!


I’m looking forward to serving as the Spec E30 Series Regional Director. And I am especially looking forward to seeing the MidSouth Spec E30 drivers and future Spec E30 folks. Our next event is again at Talladega. If you have never been there, you don’t know how much fun you’ve been missing. There won’t be any races, but if you come I’ll guarantee that you’ll have a lot of fun and get a lot of track time.

I’ll be there!


Jim Levie?? Couldn’t you guys find someone who knows a little more about E30s and racing? :wink:

Congrats Jim. I’m really looking forward to getting out to some of the Mid South events.



Congrats Jim!