SpecE30, seat, tires, early air dam (Savannah, GA)



A local buddy is selling his SpecE30. Hasn’t been on the track in prob a year. Engine, built by M20B25 master Rich Bratton who I know well, has only a couple weekends on it. Car owner is kinda private so doesn’t want his email address on the Internet. The car has some dings, but it’s very serviceable. Has old suspension. I expect Al will be asking around $8-9k.

3 sets of mounted tires. Unused RR’s, lightly used RA1 rains, RR’s with 3-4 heat cycles.

Also has a Sparco seat and an early air dam, the latter getting increasingly difficult to find.

Al also has a 28’ 3 axle trailer for sale. It too has some dings, but it’s a stout beast.

Contact me and I’ll give you contact info for the seller. Scott@gress.org

Here’s a link to pics. https://brasselerusa-my.sharepoint.com/:f:/p/scottg/EtFrEyCjHgVGp_6QT8dXpFEB-V_HsyGG_CLKnhow3TtjIg?e=KkUtpx

If the link doesn’t work, give me a holler and I’ll try something different.


An IJ Crankscraper added to the stuff for sale.


Hi Is this car still for sale?


HI, I this car still available? I am interested.


Sorry, it’s been sold.