SpecE30 Race Car auction ending soon


No connection to seller, and know nothing about the car other than what I see in the eBay listing, but it looks like a lot of car for the buy-it-now price. Zero bids so far, hmm… Auction ends at about 10am Mountain time.



Heck of a deal. I could purchase the car and resell it for less that the original purchase price. Chuck are you up for a road trip? The wheels look like yours. Who is the seller?

Regards, Robert Patton


Damn one of us should just buy this thing.


I bought it, if there is one way to grow my region it is to buy cars :).


WTG Simon. That was an effort right out of the Ranger playbook. There’s some impulsive good deeds a guy just has to do and damn the consequences (of spousal fury). Should we ever meet the beer’s on me.


Lol, I’m getting married in a week and a half, she is gonna love this one. I might need that beer :wink:


Holy Crap that was a good deal! WTG Simon.


Simon that is really taking one for the team!

Patton was trying to talk me into buying it too, but I was too chicken to pull the trigger. As you say, one way to grow the region… Excellent!


Its a lot easier to recruit a racer if you have a car ready to go :wink: and I should at least make a little money although that is not my goal. Absolutely worst case I have a back up car and a pissed off fiancee B)


LOL. Tell her it’s her wedding present from you.

Good work!


A man comes home and says to his wife -

“Honey pack your bags I just won the lotto!”

She says -

“That is great where are we going”

He replies -

“I don’t know where you’re going but I’m going to Hawaii”.



“Honey, pack your bags I won the lotto”.

“OMIGOD! Where are we going”?

“Go wherever you want honey. As long as you go”.


damnit - one less spec e30 car in the RM region. I know the seller - he is getting too busy at work to race (where are his priorities?). Says he tried to sell it locally, but if I didn’t even know about it he wasn’t trying too hard. Bummer.


Yeah, I guess that’s a zero-sum game, so to speak. Too bad the seller didn’t do a better job of talking it up in your region. The eBay listing was pointed out to me by someone unrelated to SpecE30 just this morning, so there wasn’t a lot of time for anyone to react. At least it’s going to another region that also needs the growth, FWIW.


Damn, now Simon has a choice of which car he is going to use to rape the field at the nationals:angry:
Nice buy, hell of a deal.