Spec Exhaust getting better


Just put on a new spec exhaust and I must say the fitment is getting better. I especially like the flange he has added right behing the collector. Makes putting it on easier and will make removing as snap. I am going to add the flange to the old exhaust that I have for the next E30.


Can you show us a picture of the flange? Curious how the “spec” exhaust is evolving.


Mine had a 2 bolt flange. Some how the flange would flex, then I got a exhaust leak.:angry: I ended up welding it together.

I sure would like to see a better muffler spec’ed out. These sound like crap.


Yes it sounds pretty ricetastic but I think we’ll be stuck with it indefinitely.


Srsly? You’re worried about how it sounds?


It could definitely sound cooler. And it would be nice if it passed sound at Laguna Seca. But, it is what it is.


Put an elbow on the end and point it away from the sound meter.


Put an elbow on the end and point it away from the sound meter.[/quote]
Or put a SuperTrap on for tracks where the car won’t meet sound restrictions.


I personally like the way the spec exhaust sounds. I think it is better than any after market muffler that I have heard. But, that is simply my opinion.

I take it from some of the comments that the standard spec exhaust is too loud for Laguna Seca?

What is the Db level of our cars?

The limit at Laguna Seca?