Spec E30 required decals for car


We have the option of putting SE30 or SpecE30 on the sides and rear of the car. I wanted a die-cut decal of the red “Spec E30” text that was really similar to our logo. Here’s what I found. Note the Convecta font. I went thru a helova lot of fonts before I found something that looked about right.



The font in the logo is SF Theramin Gothic. I forget which style, but it’s one of these in the attached zip file. (Maybe Bold Oblique?)

EDIT: Nope, just regular Oblique.

If you haven’t ordered yet, and your guy can do cut graphics from vector files (really, no need to go online for it, any sign shop should be able to) I can help you get the exact thing if you want.

sf_theramin_gothic.zip (120.4 KB)


This Scalable Vector Graphic (SVG) file is pretty close. Traced it from the logo rather than try to recreate it. Vinyl guys should be able to cut it in any size you want.


Dude! Wtg on figuring out the font. How did you figure that out?


I had it from a few years back when I cut some vinyl for my windshield banner and wanted it to be the right font. I can’t remember exactly how I got the info. I think Scott MC was involved somehow?


Julian’s is probably just as good, but I did recreate a vector version of the logo font a few years ago for the Great Lakes guys. It’s not absolutely perfect (a little vertically squashed toward the center) but I defy anyone to tell the difference without overlaying them in Photoshop and flipping between the two. I’ll attach the PDF file; it will scale infinitely and any printer should be comfortable using it. I’m happy to give the Illustrator file also, but the message board won’t let me attach it so I’ll have to give a Dropbox link or something.

SpecE30Font_02.pdf (1.0 MB)


Fixed that, please go ahead and upload it. Thanks a bunch! Your PDF looks great!


Cool, thanks! I’ll attach the regular version and the master. The only difference (other than a few little scraps like color swatches) is that the master has an embedded image of the original logo in case anyone needs to compare the differences between the two. If someone needs one for printing, just use the non-master (SpecE30Font.ai).

SpecE30Font_Master.ai (1.1 MB)
SpecE30Font.ai (1020.6 KB)


This was really good work guys, thanks a lot.


On a similar note, does anyone have the printable file for the SpecE30 logo with the car above it? The one used on the flags recently printed up?


@Jwistehuff, here’s a hi-res raster version of it: