Spare heater core anyone?


I stupidly left the H2O/WW mix in the racecar as the temperatures gradually dropped through freezing this fall. A freeze plug popped, apparently saving the block, but so did the radiator side tanks and some part of the heater core. The E46 M3 DD got hit to the tune of $8K and 1 month of derrier rehab by an uninsured unlicensed foreign national so the SE30 has been reluctantly dragged back into DD duties. It’s 12 degrees outside right now headed to -5 and all I can do to keep my breath from freezing on the windshield is to blow the glycol laden mist that comes out of the defroster vents across it until it reaches some visibility equilibrium. Frozen breath versus glycol fog. If anyone has an intact heater core they’d be willing to part with please e-mail or PM me.:huh:



I have one from an eta if that will work.


Thanks! Looks like they have the same P/N on RealOEM although it’s a little confusing as there are 3 different diagrams for the HVAC system. Mine’s an '87 325is. Do you know what the eta was?

  1. Production date 10/86. Can’t remember which part number i have but it looks like one of the ones on realoem is for Canada, eh, so (in my best Bob McKenzie) I’m pretty sure i don’t have that one ,ok, so, you konw, take off, you hoser! :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


Brian, I’m interested. PM’d you, check your inbox.


I have 2 heater cores. 1 is from a 1990 and already out of the car. The other is from a 1989 and its still in the car.