Some simple price questions


Hey guys,

I am currently working on setting up the budget for the race car

I have searched the forms and have not been able to find the price of the spec exhaust system.

Also on average how much do you spend on entry fees and other costs on any given weekend.

And one last thing… Where is the best place online to find good deals on safety equipment, such as harnesses, seats, fire suits, ect?

Any comments would be greatly appreciated.

Daniel Graybill



You should call the spec exhaust supplier directly for costs to your area (see links for contact info), but I believe it runs approx. $225 shipped.

Entry fees vary per region - so I would contatc the region you plan to race in to see what their costs are. The MA region usually runs around $300 per weekend. The NE can be as high as $550.

I would check the vendors under the links tab for equipment first. It’s always good to support those that support us. If you cannot find what you need there, OG Racing and usually have reasonable prices on equipment.




I’m the world’s biggest cheapskate so I would recommend that you don’t buy anything new unless there’s a really good reason for it.

Harnesses. Know what you are buying. Go check out some harnesses in other people’s cars and figure out what you like. Pull up/down, spring loaded adjusters, width of shoulder straps and latch mechanism all need to be considered. Is harder to get these used because they have expiration dates.

All clothing can be bought used. Shoe sizing can run a little screwy tho. If you are looking at ebay auctions, have them measure shoes, suits or whatever. Don’t just go on the manufacturer’s size info.

Expensive suits use flame retardent material. Cheap suits use flame retardent “treated” cloth. Cheap suits lose their flame retardent qualities after multiple washings. So nice suits retain their flame resistant quality even if they are used and a cheap suit might not.

Seats can be bought used but know what you are buying. They too expire and come in lots of different shapes and sizes. Go sit in lots of seats to determine what you like. Then when you see seats for auction/sale on the Internet check out the seats on manufacturer sites carefully.

+1 for always buying from sponsors when you can. Even if it costs a couple bucks more, supporting sponsors is important. Most of them are at the track each weekend rescuing one of us from some unexpected “Christ, I broke my upper widget. Where am I going to find an upper widgit on Sunday morning?” crisis. You’ll be the one in need of rescuing soon enough.


Thanks for the info.

At the moment I am looking at around 8k for the build… that is without finding deals on used things. I am hoping to come in well under that number, and since I am a mechanic I will be doing all the work myself.

I will definitely get stuff from the sponsors when ever possible.

Are we required to run a Hans device,
And if not how many people use them.

They seem like they would limit visibility / mobility quite a bit, and obviously are $$$

Thanks again guys
Daniel Graybill


Yes, HANS is required for all NASA classes (not just spec e30). The only time you notice it is when you’re in the paddock and trying to look around. When you’re on the track it’s a non-issue. Buy the sport model and save a few bucks… you can also find them on eBay occasionally.


An approved Head n Neck Restraint is required. There’s alternatives to HANs. I prefer the R3. Ask around and try a few different types out.

See this thread.


here is the full list, direct from the horse’s …


Well this gives me some more stuff to sort out. It sounds like it might be a good idea for me to go to the track one weekend and sit in some different cars to get an idea of what i like.


Daniel Graybill


I have a Sparco Corsa seat for sale. It is red. It has less than a year left on its certification, but I have a back brace for it as well which will keep it legal in NASA. It is in nearly new condition. The guy I bought the car from was only auto crossing. I live near Baltimore. If you fit in this seat, it would be a good deal as opposed to a new one around $700. I’ll sell you the seat and E30 bracket for $300. I live in Baltimore so not far from you.

Let me know if you’re interested and I can send you some pictures.



i sent an email to you Jason about the sparco seat.

i have noticed when looking at seats some are “hans” compatable and some are not. for example the sparco corsa is not listed as “hans”… does this mean i can’t use a hans with this seat or does it mean its just not ideal?

The same goes with harnesses… it seems like the ones made to work with a hans device are only 2" sholder straps or start as a 3" and then are reduced to 2"

Daniel Graybill


A HANs will work with a 3" straps but 2" straps will seat better on your shoulders and the device. Lots of folks bought HANs this year. Not too many replaced their 3" straps with 2"ers tho.


AFAIK, the “hans compatible” seats just have more sculpting behind the head, but there are lots of hans users who use regular seats. Re harnesess, hans will work with 3" belts - they made some changes a few years ago to make the std 3" belts stay on better.


So after researching the seat rules i am still a little confused.

Am i correct in saying that a momo seat that was FIA but is now over 5 years old is still legal?

So long as it is still mounted with the “offical” side mount system and a back brace is added that supports the seat from going back in the event of an impact. I take this to mean that the support is not attached to the seat but just rests up against the back.

Also from other threads, a seat is not leagal if a composite seat such as the momo corsa has holes drilled in it in anyway.
for example if the seat had holes drilled in its back to use a bolt on back brace.

So in other words is the momo corsa seat jason is selling really going to work in HPDE and spec e30.

haha help him make the sale


Daniel Graybill


Dan the back brace for the seat is actually mounted to a cross member of the roll cage behind the seat. The brace will have a flat metal plate that is positioned behind the seat the prevent it from moving backward if the seat were to fail. The brace does not actually attach to the seat at all.

Do google search for racing seat braces > images and check them out.
Good luck.


No, a seat loses its FIA certification after the 5 year time period elapses.
You do not want to drill into a composite seat.

gradan07 wrote:

[quote]So after researching the seat rules i am still a little confused.

Am i correct in saying that a momo seat that was FIA but is now over 5 years old is still legal?




Ok so the seat is not FIA certified after it is 5 years old.

Does this mean that if i add a seat back support to my roll cage that the seat can be used in Spec e30?

For example. I think the the beertech guy said he was running a corabu FX1 seat… which is not FIA certified as far as i know, but i think i read he just had to add the seat back support to make it legal for spec e30.


I think what you’re saying is correct, everyone is just saying it differently. If the seat is not FIA certified anymore (older than 5 years), it must have the seat back brace.

15.6.22 Seat Back Support
A seatback support must be made to hold the seat from going back in the event of a
crash. A plate should be used to distribute the load. No bolts, corners, or sharp objects
should be placed in such a manner that could lead to a possible puncture of the driver in
a high impact crash. Proper design and installation is crucial to safety and it is
recommended that the driver employ the services of a professional race car builder for
this, as well as all other vehicle safety items. An exception may be made for those seats
homologated to, and mounted in accordance with, FIA 8855-1999 standards. Those
seats that qualify for the aforementioned exception must conform to the entire FIA 8855-
1999 set of regulations. This includes a mandatory seat replacement, or use of a seat
back brace, for any seat more than five (5) years old. Please reference the FIA


Jason I sent you another email about the seat.

I just want to thank everyone for their time. This is by far the most helpful forum I have ever been on. I can tell there are a lot of great people in this series and I look forward to meeting you guys at the track.