Skid Plates


Just curious what all you guys use. I got the Red46 Sump Armor from Red46 on r3v. It was the cheapest, legal per SE30 rulebook, is made of stainless, and seems pretty beefy. Install was easy, only downside is it is pretty heavy (I’d estimate it’s about 15# with hardware, or roughly a power steering pump). Some of you guys without oil coolers might not like it blocking the air flow. Is the OEM skid plate NLA?

Oh, and I should have powder coated it gold to match the rest of my car. My buddy, years ago, bought like 50# of gold powder (note: this is roughly an infinite supply) so I powder coat parts gold for the hell of it.


I’m on my 3rd skid plate. They’re not hard to make. I use the same diamond embossed AL that Chuck Taylor’s “Factory3Performance” plates used. They don’t need to be super beefy. They don’t really hold a car up, it’s more like they allow the pan to skate over curbing as opposed to taking a hard hit.

My pan has to have big holes in it because I need the air blast on the oil pan to cool the oil. I have no oil cooler.

I still see OEM skid plates show up on the market occasionally.

I don’t know if I’d bother powdercoating yours. Beat up SS will probably look better than beat up powdercoated SS.


I still have some of the ones I used to sell, if anyone is interested. Have the body nuts too I think.

Ranger is right, it definitely seems to work more as a skating aid