Skid plate for Paul Poore oil pan


Anybody know of one that fits?


Interested as well.


I am interested as well. I guess one could always fab something up. ALLEN


Actually the pan itself works very well…ask me now I know:sick:


Found a skid plate that works with the Poore pan. It is a solid unit. Bolts right on with no issues. Mine was a tad close to the pan up front so I used longer bolts and added a nut to space the plate down a tiny bit. The rear attaches to the steering rack mounting bolts.

Will use one of those flexi-funnel gizmos when I change the oil. Didn’t weigh it but I was told it’s 12 pounds. Will add these to my other stock oil pan cars.

You can buy them at Harrison Motorsports.




That’s the same skid plate I have on my e28.


I am afraid to ask why you need a skid plate on your DD E28.


To protect the drysump plumbing.


Just kidding. PO put a skid plate on because the GC coilovers drop it pretty low. It sits almost as low as the SpecE30.