Shroud for a pusher fan?


Thinking of adding a pusher to the front of my radiator but haven’t been able to find a clear indication of if folks are adding some form of shrouding in this case?

I have swapped over to the z3m radiator, but that shouldn’t make that big of a difference.


Generally no, people are not adding shrouding to a pusher fan. Our “fan cooling” requirements are modest. Your fan is only for use in the paddock. Once you get up over, say 30mph, there will be more air flow than you fan could have provided.

Since we have no AC and are not in stop n go traffic, I wouldn’t bother trying to make the fan as efficient as possible. I’d certainly have a fan, but I wouldn’t spend a helova lot of time on the project.

The other time you’ll need a fan is during red flags.