Shifter mod for AKG and BW "direct" shifters.


I really like my AKG shifter. This is the one with no shift carrier. It fastens right to the transmission tunnel sheetmetal. What’s terrific about it is that with no carrier, there’s fewer joints in the mechanisms, so fewer places to add slop to the mechanism. Pair the shifter with the UUC Dual Shear Shift Rod and you have an awesome combo. The problem is that the shifter ratio is too damned short. That means the requirement for absolute precision in your throws is very high. I contacted AKG last year about a longer shift knob, thinking that would lengthen the throw of the shifter and therefore make it less temperamental. They seemed to think that I was a madman. Was an odd conversation.

Some months after that conversation I was telling the tale to Arjun@UUC and he told me to try their tall shift knob. That idea didn’t immediately work because the AKG shift knob is threaded (which is nonstandard) and the UUC knob is designed for an OEM stick. I got around the problem by using epoxy to glue the UUC knob on to the threaded portion of the stick. Because of the threads, it will twist back off if one shows sufficient motivation.

The final solution was really terrific. The taller UUC knob, by making the throws a bit longer, mitigates the only flaw in the AKG shifter. I’m pretty sure you could rig something similar for the Bimmerworld shifter. The pic shows the long UUC knob on the shifter, and the original shorter AKG knob in my hand.


Photo is gone?


Photobucket sucks. New forum software tho, is awesome. I embedded the pic.