Seats for big/tall drivers


New to the forums and just now getting done with tearing my car apart/prepping and im now amassing parts for the build.

Im 6’4" and 320 pounds, Anyone have any seat and mounting reccomendations. Im lost in the selection and being also new to cars (raced karts for years) not sure what to get.


Check out the Kirkey Aluminum Seats. I’m 6’4", 250 lbs, and had the same issue. I believe I got the series 71. It’s height adjustable, and comes in widths from 14" to 18". They have a measurement procedure on there website to see what fits best. It’s the only seat I’ve sat in that fits properly. Good Luck!

Nick Thiemann
#3 FNTECH SpecE30


Thanks for the suggestion. Ill take a look


Ultra Shield, on ebay, has a full containment seat for 565 delivered. I’m 6’ 280# and the 18" seat is very comfortable for me. My only problem is the width/height of the head restraint. My shoulders would not fit but with some judicious use of a portapower all is well. NOTE: box looked fairly good when received…HOWEVER, it took me over an hour with the portapower to get the seat symmetrical after the shipper bent the hell out of it. Now I am quite happy with the seat.