SE30 Spec Exhaust Clarification


Hey All

Thanks for letting me be here despite the fact my E30 is an SCCA E production car and formally a BMWCCA KP car. I just found a set of SuperSprint M20 headers and have them installed. Fit is excellent in terms of how low they hang and ease of getting to the manifold bolts, clearance in the engine compartment. All good. You do need to rotate the oil filter housing 180 degrees for any M20 header installation. Easy.

I need to complete this system. The Supersprints came with an X pipe for scavenging and also has the 02 sensor bung. That is also in place. I also like the flanged Exhaust. I came across the Grassroots article about your Spec Exhaust from Paul Poore. It looks like this is what you guys run correct?

Its a Ypipe to a SINGLE exhaust with a small cherry bomb style can at the end correct? So I guess there is no performance hit/issues for going to a single Exhaust? I like the weight loss.

Would it be acceptable to attach a Ypipe to my Xpipe and build a similar system?

The other option would be to find or build an Ypipe scavenger for the Supersprints and get rid of the Supersprint supplied X pipe.

Lastly I also like the Flange after the Y design. This is a quick disconnect system as long as you use SS bolts.

I really appreciate your feedback.



Would like some feedback when you get a chance. Does anyone know what muffler the Paul Poore system uses? I assume that is passes the DB checks that most tracks have, and it scores 100db or less?



In case anyone is interested, the Summit Racing part number’s for the SE30 exhaust system are as follows.

For the 2.25" muffler (I think that’s the one Paul Poore uses) is SUM-630812. $29.99

The 2.5" muffler is SUM-630815