SE Supplementary Rules


SE SpecE30 supplementary rules

  1. [strike]Forward facing cameras during all race sessions.[/strike] As of 2016, This is now a national rule.

  2. If you cause a serious incident, defined as causing damage per NASA CCR para 27.4.2, by violating one of the below rules, you will be subject to the full force of NASA para 27.11 penalties. This means DQ or suspension.

    a. No squeezing. You can’t squeeze another car as a defensive move. Even if the other car has only a inch of overlap, you can’t use that overlap to try to shove the other car off of the track. Give each other a full car width.

    b. Both feet in. If you lose control of your car, lock up your wheels. If you come back on track into traffic and your wheels are turning, you are wrong.

    c. Safely re-enter the track. If you go off and there’s lots of traffic. Take a deep breath and wait until there is room for you to re-enter the track.


NASA-SE Supplementary rules

5.2 Race NASA SE Penalty Structure
We will be following generally the definitions in Section 27.4 of the NASA CCR. For #1-6 below, it is incumbent upon the victim to report the incident, however the flaggers or officials may report this as well. For passing under yellow - the victim, officials or flaggers may report the incident.

  1. Contact bumper to bumper with no deviation and no damage: No penalty
  2. Any sheet metal contact with no damage and no deviation: No penalty
  3. Any contact causing deviation, with no damage, but loss of a position: Reposition to behind driver contacted
  4. Any contact resulting in “damage” as defined by these guidelines: One (1) race suspension
  5. Any contact resulting in a “punt” as defined by these guidelines: Disqualification
  6. Any contact resulting in damage and punt: Disqualification and one (1) race suspension
  7. Passing under a standing yellow or double yellow: Reposition to last place (minimum)
  8. Passing under waving yellow and / or over-driving any yellow: Disqualification (minimum)
  9. Ignoring black flag for 3 laps: Disqualification (minimum)

The only approved method of reversal of the penalties listed above is thru video evidence. Make sure your video camera is charged, on and recording!

<note from Scott. #1-8 above are from NASA CCR 27.11. NASA-SE added #9>

5.2.1 Race NASA SE Major Penalty
Any incident as determined by the Officials, Flaggers or NASA Southeast Staff which is considered to be a “Major” incident, including serious vehicular or bodily damage will be subject to the following ruling at a minimum.
One (1) Race Suspension at the next race weekend in which he or she participates. This meaning that he/she cannot race/DE/etc on the first day of a 2 day event where he participates on the 2nd day. If it’s a Sat/Sun race event, he cannot participate on the Friday open practice nor the Saturday race/de, and must race on Sunday.
One (1) Year Probation, any kind of incident or erratic driving will lead immediately to a 1 year suspension.

5.3 Race NASA SE Incident Reporting
All on track incidents must be reported by both sides to the Race Director, as soon as possible after the conclusion of the race, within 30 minutes. Failure to report to the Race Director will result in a (3) point penalty added to your driving record.

5.5 Racing Room. For Lightning Races this is defined as Full Car Width. The intent of this rule is to prevent the defensive tactic of “deliberate squeezing”, not to accommodate the offensive tactic of sticking your nose in near a turn.


NASA-SE video rule. If you are asked for video of a timed session and you can’t produce it, you are DQ’d.

Since SpecE30 is already required to have video, all this means is that your system needs to be reliable. My camera is turned on by the Traqmate so that video and data are automatically synched. But for some reason that I’ve never been able to pin down, the camera is sometimes not turned on. That’s why I have a 2nd camera that I turn on manually. Since my Mobius cameras cost ~$80, it’s a trivial expense.