SE 30 Compound


Kish, Jim x 2, Chuck,

What are your travel plans?

The locals (Shawn, Natalie and myself) plan to be there by 5 on friday when the gates open. We plant to congregate at the east end (pit out) of the garages and we’ll to save some garage space for you.

Look forward to racing with you.



Hi Don, sounds good. I’ve never even seen Sebring, let alone driven it, so looking forward to running such a historic track.

I’m traveling with two other GA racers, Eric Nissen (KP/GTS2 E30) and Tom Melton (IP/E36M3)

Eric and I are borrowing Patton’s truck and long trailer for our two cars, and Tom has an enclosed. We are planning to arrive Friday evening. Likely not right at 5pm, but probably somewhere in the 6-7 window. We’ll look for you guys when we get there. Is there power in the vicinity? (For fans, if nothing else)


Thanks for posting this Don.

Chuck, there is power in various areas around the paddock. The garages have them there and in the parking lot behind the garages, there are power pedestals available. The outer paddock also has power available for trailers and RVs.

We are going to do a small land grab Friday. There are 7 SE30’s registered and we will try to grab 8 or so spots together in the garage near pit-out.

If someone would prefer to be elsewhere, and does not need a spot, please let me know.

Thanks! Looking forward to this weekend!


Here is a map to help anyone not familiar with the track: