Scales for cornerweights $160


I bought 8x 400lb scales at Target today for $20ea. I was concerned about my corner weights after the crash at VIR and the work by a frame shop to straighten out my right front. It looked to me like from RF was about 1/2" higher than it should be. Turns out my corner weights are ok.

Get 400lb scales and put 2 at each corner. Put a short 2x10 across each pair of scales and then lower the tires on to the boards.



Old post, I know, but how are these working out for you? I was considering doing the same thing.


They work fine. Used them a couple months ago to check cornerweights after the car took a hit.

I had to replace 2 of them last year. Since they are only bathroom scales they aren’t designed to take a beating. I loaned them to someone and they got transported around in the back of his truck. The banging broke off some of plastic “feet” which is where the pressure sensitive mechanisms are.


No good deed goes unpunished:sick:


I’ll see your $160, and lower you $80.


Will these be workable? My experience with these is you have to “step” on the corner to turn them on, then they zero, then they wait for you to stand on them.

If you do not stand on them in ~20 seconds, they go back to off.


Mine require a step to turn them on, but there’s no “zeroing”. The prob zero when you change batts or something. So I just go to each corner of the car, step on the scales or sit my hip briefly on the fender, write down the #'s, and then go to the next corner.


Would be funny to return them because they need zeroing.