Rules update: Coilover kit!


For immediate release:
There was some testing done on a new kit from Ground Control coilover kit. Many drivers have driven the new springs, please reach out for their opinions of the kit.
For the 2018 season, the H&R Springs will be replaced with a coilover kit from Ground Control. You can still use the H&R Springs thru the 2020 season however you will want to be on the new kit!

The part number for the Ground Control kit is: spece30cco
discount code: spece30racer
*when ordered they will call you to confirm competition license number, then process the order. (its the same as your NASA membership number)
Base price: $489.00
Price after racer discount: $419.00

This is a very affordable way to make the cars handle much better, inspire more confidence and tighten up the fields! This push for a quick release also gives everyone time to get the cars dialed in for the championship event at COTA this year, where the cars will really shine!

SE30 Rules V1.2 will be posted as soon as I can get the keys to the office! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!