Roll call -- TWS Oct 17-18


Kelly, I believe you already said yes on TWS.

Mark – ?

Jeff – ?

Zach – ? (go to comp school on Fri, race on Sat/Sun)

Others – ?

MSR Houston was great on Saturday but it rained on Sun so I bugged out early. NASA created a class with only GTS, Spec 944, and Spec E30 so there just 15 cars in the group and it was very clean on track - the fastest GTS3 car didn’t catch me until the last corner on the last lap! ST, Thunder, etc. were in their own class. Fingers crossed he does it the same way for TWS.


Yep, I’m in!!!


A brief recap of the weekend–

Kelly predicted he would run 2:08’s before we went out for Saturday qualifying and he was being a bit modest-- I ran high 2:08 and he ran lowish 2:07.

In race #1 I couldn’t keep up with Kelly and he ran away for the win pretty easily. But, with a few tips from the veteran and some generous lead/follow we stayed close for race #2. It really helps to have someone in the same kind of car showing you how fast a corner can be done (or how slow in my case). I believe this was the race Kelly ran a 2:06.48 which is a new track record for TWS. Thanks for the tips Kelly!

Sunday qualifying we went out together but I found the grass with all 4 tires coming out of Turn 7, and that little incident was running through my mind for the next hour or so. Never having run off track at that speed was a first, but also a learning experience. I learned that the brakes don’t work in the grass, and I was surprised at how much room there is off-track between 7 and 8!

Race #3 we started side-by-side and I was able to get the inside line and hold Kelly off as the field spread out. We went back and forth a couple times and going into the last couple laps Kelly was on my bumper and planning to take the lead, most likely in the carousel. He tried the same outside move that worked earlier in the race but somehow I managed to stay in front for a surprise checker flag a few corners later. I don’t recall seeing the ‘one lap left’ white flag, and I’m sure he would have gotten past me if we had another lap but I’m more thankful for the coaching and time on track with another Spec E30 than the win anyways.

I have some good videos and will get them posted once work lets up later this week. We missed not having the rest of the Spec E30 crew there to share the good times and are looking forward to the next opportunity to get everyone together for some racing.


Here’s some video from last weekend –




Thanks Tim… I’m traveling so it will take me a little bit of time to edit and load my video from the weekend. Definitely good times!