Roll Call - Sebring March 31-April 1st


Looks like the Sebring event is going to be a big turnout for the FL Region. Aside from the local crowd, the FL Region is hosting the BMWCCA Club Race at the same time and we have some folks coming in from out of state!

So far we know we have:

Natalie B
Don S
Shawn W
Jim L
Chuck T

Who else is in?


I’m planning to be there. A friend of mine who races GTS-2/KP in an E30/325 will be going as well.

I’m looking forward to it. Sebring has been on my bucket list a long time, and I’ve never even seen the track, so I need to start watching video. Any of you locals want to post up some relevant clips? Would be appreciated.


I have these three videos from my trip there a couple years ago:

They are DE1/2 sessions, but at least they are something. I’m looking forward to hitting Sebring again later this year. I was instructed by both Don S and John Black that weekend.


Here are a couple of laps in the wet:

And for your entertainment, really wet laps:

If you want to see some amazing race craft and how to move through the field at Sebring, watch this video of Randy Mueller:


This is irritating. Did anyone else update to flash 11 this week and now videos and pandora don’t work in firefox.


Looking for video? Natalie has several videos posted at


I raced there in January with PBOC in one of the Drive-Gear cars. You can see the extended pit wall they made for the ALMS. I got in the 2:39’s


right now for me it’s cutting close to getting my car and jeep ready to go. i still need to fix the fuel pump/ install the oil pan scraper and baffle, kill switch, and fire kit. im trying to see if i can get the car done by wednesday and get new tires for the jeep on wednesday or thursday and then sign up to do a HPDE3 for saturday.


Keep diggin…We hope to se you there.


Alright guys lets hear it. I want stories and videos. I saw the quali sheet from one day and the pissant put a couple seconds on the field. I know he won on Saturday, but did he double up on Sunday? Can’t wait to get down there for the June event.