Roll Call - Sebring June 23 - June 24


Since Shawn hasn’t made the thread yet, I will take the pole position B) . It looks like we have myself, Shawn, and Natalie signed up to race SpecE30. Anyone else in Florida or the Southeast want to join us at this legendary track?


Well roll call consisted of me, TrackRat, and NatBlack. I had a great time and here are the videos:

Saturday Race 1 (Dry, great battle with Shawn and Natalie):

Saturday Race 2 (Wet, passed Shawn for the lead on lap 1):

Sunday Race 1 (VERY Wet, kept it on track for 5 laps):


Not sure where else to post this, but I wanted to give a big thanks to Natalie for the loaner brake line. I cut my right rear SS line down and Nat had a spare to lend. Much appreciated…I am not even a SpecE30!


BMWs gotta stick together. Sucks you didn’t get to run in the rain with us on Sunday. Did you watch my Saturday race video to see the contact with you and the Miata?


Yes, watched your video and the one from the rear view camera of the other SM. Also read the running commentary on the other forum until it got pulled down.

No significant damage, just a dent and scrape to the lower molding that I was able to paint.

I did watch the Sunday race from the restaurant at the hotel though!

Already looking forward to October!