Roll Call - Memphis March 3rd and 4th


Anyone else going to join myself and Jim Levie for some racing. I heard rumors we will have a SpecE30 rookie doing comp school to make three.


My Dad will be there and should complete the comp school. I’ll see you guys at Saint Louis!


I will be there and hope I finish comp and can race


It looks like we’ll have three cars for the races. The other possibles that I’ve talked to can’t make the event. Matt Harness has a family conflict (and baby due in April), Allen Garner expects to have to have shoulder surgery. I haven’t heard from Matt Thorton, but his participation in any race events has been sparse.


Well I finished up the prep on the car this weekend with a new radiator hose and drain plug. Just need to do some maintenance on the trailer and get it loaded up. The car seems to feel like it is fine on power, but hopefully Jim will test that theory this coming weekend. :smiley:


I hope there was no damage from the overheat. We’ll probably know for sure this weekend.


Well we found out that there doesn’t appear to be any damage from the overheat. The motor was strong enough to take the fast lap of the weekend with a 1:22.8 on lap 9 of the Saturday race. Unfortunetly that was about all that went right for me this weekend. Jim beat me on Saturday as I reeled him in twice but never got a chance to try a pass as the race was shortened by a double yellow flag. I corded a couple of my tires in the race and had to change one out to race on Sunday which also meant I had to miss the second race on Satuday. I was slow in qualifying and started last due to my Toyo RA1s having given all they had which didn’t really matter because I only made it one lap before I lost my brakes in the final braking zone and was luckily able to scrub enough speed to not hit the wall and make it back to the pits. I lost all the pad material on the inner pad on the driver front even though I had plenty for the race on the outer pad. I won’t make that mistake again. Here are the videos:

Saturday Race 1:

Sunday Race:


Where is the midsouth schedule at. The website looks neglected. It says gateway is a midsouth event. I’m doing comp school either there or at autobahn in april.


Agree that the Mid-South website needs an update. If you’re looking for information on the Gateway event in particular, it’s a crossover event with Mid-South and Central, and there’s information on the Central website:

The sign-up page is here:

And there are a couple of threads in the Central region discussion forum regarding the event:

Hope that helps,



Maybe I’ll photocopy my provisional application and mail it to all three directors to be safe.


Here is our 2012 schedule. This is a crossover with the Central region. And yes, the website has been neglected but we hope to have it updated within the next two weeks…


Send your info to our registrar, Pam. Her email is midsouthATdrivenasaDOTcom