Roll Call - HMS Nov 5-6 & Pick on the FNG


OK, last NASA event of the year. Going to be at Homestead first weekend in Nov.

I will be there both days, Saturday in H4 and doing my check outs/test/evals/etc and Sunday plan to be entered in SE30! Would love to see lots of other SE30’s out there! Besides, here’s your chance to come mess with the FNG, me! :woohoo:


Anyone? Bueller?


There are probably only 3 you could hope to be there which is Natalie, Scott, and Don. Homestead is too far for me.


Waggoner, I’m trying to decide what to drive. Maybe I’ll bring the Miata and the SE30. Unfortunately, “pick on you” means I do something devious when I come around to lap you. The rumor at the water cooler was you are 10 seconds per lap off at Sebring. That isn’t going to work well for you at Homestead. Hell, Natalie doesn’t even have and X and Y chromosome and she’s only 3 seconds per lap off :stuck_out_tongue:



Not sure what water cooler you frequent, but I dare say someone’s spiking it. :stuck_out_tongue:

My only laps in my new SE30 at Sebring so far were either with a motor coming apart or in the wet. If my times on 5 cylinders or in the wet are only 10 secs off your dry time, then I’m not the one who should be worrying. :woohoo:

You’ve got the trailer, bring 'em both. Run the Miater on Saturday and run SE30 on Sunday.


I am going to try to make it. I have a few things to work out (car, wife, schedule) but I think I should be there.



I committed to bringing my Cobra and running ST2, and they are running everything in Thunder except for the Miatas, so I cant run the Cobra and the BMW. Don you want to rent the BMW?


No, I have my own car back.



Cool Don!

So far for SE30 at HMS we have:

Me, the FNG


We really need to work on building this class up here in FL…


By up here you mean in the Panhandle area right. :smiley:


Weekend Report -

Natalie was “on her game” all weekend and was consistently quick earniong the pole for both sprint races. We tussled a few times at starts and we both were badly balked by an out of class RX-7 but at the end of the day I had nothing for her. Since only she an I participated she had two “flag to flag” wins. You Go Girl.

Shawn Waggoner earned his privisional license on Saturday and planned to race with us on Sunday but sadly another blown motor late in the day Saturday eneded that opportunity.

We are done until early January and have a few week to implement our winter repairs.



Blown motor? What are you talking about? A little JB weld and this should buff right out:

Yeah, this was frustrating. I was looking forward to running out there on Sunday with you guys. While fun, it sucks sitting in stands watching the race when you should be out there.

I’ll get it fixed and be back out there soon. I didn’t work this hard to get the car ready to fail here. I’ll rebuild a motor myself this time and have her back out there. Already tearing down one of my other motors to go through the short block.


Any thoughsts on the cause. I think the is the first time I have seen a rod go through the block like that. Good luck rebuilding the motor, hopefully you can help me with mine one day. Any video?


All the issues I’ve had so far with this motor have all been workmanship - or lack of. In the picture above you can see the thread hole in the rod - perfect threads and no bolt. The bolt had to back out then it came apart from there. There is not even a broken piece of bolt in the hole. I’m going my the shop that built the motor after lunch to see what they say.

I have a laundry list of issues I’ve found with the build, most are all do to carelessness or just pure sloppy work.

I’m building the next motor - if it fails, then I can only blame myself.

Happy to help you…just let me know what I can do!


Nice action shot of Don and Natalie at HMS: