Roll Call - HMS Mar 23-24


OK, Who else is going? So far we have:

#71 Nat Black
#12 Carlos Mendez
#53 Shawn Waggoner
#? Aaron Nash

Diego at MAD Motorsports is going to be racing on Sunday after comp school on Sat.


How many cars does MAD have? If they have a spare, I’ll rent one and run, bringing my AI Mustang also.


OK, Natalie can’t make it. Diego is doing comp school and will be racing with us on Sunday.

Scott - Diego (MAD Motorsports) said they had a rental available - I’ll email you the details.


Rumor has it McKay will be making an appearance!


I’ll rent, but only if we aren’t doing two races a day as it is. If we are, I’ll run the Mustang both days, since I’m bringing it. If they are going to split up the days with a separate Thunder and Lightning, I’ll rent and show you how to wheel a SE30


With less than 30 racers, I am pretty sure we will be having two combined races per day. Doesn’t make sense to to run two groups.

Run the Mustang in one and SE30 in the other.