Roll Cage!


Got our cage welded up this summer, and we’re working on painting/finishing the interior. We were torn between painting the cage yellow or hammered black, but after seeing the gray primer, gray-ish might be our final coat choice as well.

What do you guys think? Final cage pictures sometime next week.

Fresh cage:

After cleaning and prepping, time for some late night garage priming!


It looks great from what I can see! I really prefer the light color interior paint because stuff is easy to find when dropped… and I always seem to be dropping small items when working on the interior.

Who did the cage? Sort of looks like the WR shop in Austin?

Will you have the car ready for TWS mid-October?


Hey guys what is the status on your car? I’m getting my butt kicked by the GTS cars and need some Spec E30 competition out there. It’s not really that fun when you judge your success by whether or not the GTS5 car does or does not lap you during a 20-minute race. Please tell me you are getting close! There’s a comp school at TWS in April, I believe.