Roll cage gussets - A and B Pillar


I’ve been reading through the rule books and I’ve searched the forums but can’t seem to find any info on this.

Are sheet metal gussets that attach the roll cage to the factory A or B pillars legal? Are they considered attachment points? If you don’t know what I mean do a google image search for “roll cage gusset”. I’m not talking about the “taco” or triangular style connections between roll cage tubes, I’m referring to sheet metal panels stitch welded between the roll cage and the chassis. I’m bringing my car to my welder to help install a new seat and was going to have some minor cage updates done at the same time.

an example




Any place the cage is attached to the chassis is an attachment point per the CCR. We are allowed 8 points only as outlined in the CCR. The cage can touch in other areas but not attach. This rule also applies to seat mounting such as if you build a frame between the cage and tranny tunnel for seat mounting. The attachment to the tranny tunnel would violate the number of allowed and location of attachment points.

So short answer. No. You cannot gusset between cage and a or b pillar.



A good cage builder should be able to touch the cage to the chassis at those points wthout attachcing thus accomplishing the same thing.