Roebling thread


Be advised that we’ll be doing ribs on Friday evening. Try to adjust your travel plans such that you can arrive in time for chow. It’s Bud Scott, Savannah based eta driver, that’s doing the cooking.

I will probably be at RR all day Friday helping out with Comp School. If you’ve not been to RR before, come do Friday with us. Friday would also be a good opportunity for me to tech your car. Usual “teching your car means you help with lunch sometime later in the year” applies.

You can really drive like your hair’s on fire at RR. Lots of run-off.

Weather is hard to guess. Sometimes Jan in Savannah is very mild. The low today was in the 60’s. Sometimes it’s chilly.


I plan on getting there for running on Friday. Is there an extra fee to run on Friday?

Will help with lunch and let me know if I can bring anything.

Looking forward to seeing everyone and starting 2017…


Gents…if your car hasn’t been teched for 2017, have a plan. I’m perfectly happy to tech your car, just pls be sure to coord with me so we don’t end up with a line of cars Sat morning.

Re. Friday. Arjun, the event sign-up page should have a way to sign up for Friday.


Cant wait to see everyone in 2017. We still owe you for 2016 tech, what can we do to cover this at this event. Just let us know. Anyway you could work us in for a 2017 tech. We will be there all day Friday.


Sure, we’ll tech your car Friday. I don’t usually decide what I’m going to do about Saturday chow until 3days prior. Can I give you some items to go fetch on Wed prior to the event?


That’s a big 10/4 Ranger. Just send us the list and we will pick it up on the way to the track. Just give me a call or text 828-312-2251.


Scott, I’m gonna need a 2017 tech also and plan to arrive relatively early Friday afternoon. Can we set up a tech assembly line during a defined time period to minimize your hassle and our time?


I’m happy to tech your car Chuck. I don’t want to define a period to tech cars tho because that kinda constrains folks to “the plan”. I think we can get everyone’s car teched w/o trying to organize the effort too much.


13 Signed up as 12Jan

James Hartridge
Steve Rowlands
Scott Gress

Comp school
Philippe Pellerin
Ryan Johnson
Chris Towe

3 newbies coming to us from Comp School. WOW! SO AWESOME!


Current truth is that there will be 4 races at Roebling. This is because signup is light. Our sign up is on course to be pretty good, but the other classes less-so.
Qualifying Race
Trophy Race

Qualifying Race
Contingency Race


Hi all! I plan to be at Roebling with the new car. I’ll be running in DE4 for test and tune. It will be great to be back on track and to see everyone. My plan is to arrive for dinner Friday. I’ll have beer; do we need anything else? Jon S.


Jon, that’s awesome that you’re back. We look forward to your triumphant return.

Everyone: Can someone bring a grill? I would like us to have a backup in case my grill fails Saturday.